Tips for B2B Marketing

12 Tips for B2B Marketing Success in 2017

There are many different ways to approach B2B marketing. The following strategies and techniques will help your business excel and blow past your competitors in 2017. Coming up with a good marketing strategy and making use of many different types of channels to get leads will ensure that your business keeps growing.

The trick to optimizing your marketing potential is by diversifying your marketing channels, then seeing which channel produces the best ROI. At Salesflower you can supplement your sales pipeline with our triple-verified B2B sales leads, email, lists and mailing lists. You get unlimited search, select, and view of all of our business databases which contain millions of records from current businesses in the United States.

Maximize your marketing efforts by learning about the following B2B marketing strategies:

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Boost Your Sales With These B2B Marketing Channels/Strategies:

1. Company Website/Blog

Be found and heard with a website. Share your brand’s story, products, announcements, and information. Remember that the main purpose of your website should be to sell your product/service, and generate leads. Consider having a FAQ, pricing, and support section.

2. Social Media Presence

Along with building brand loyalty, Facebook and Twitter is great for driving traffic to your website, building relationships with other businesses, & responding to problems immediately. Chances are, your competition is doing it too.

3. Paid Search Advertising

S.E.M (Search Engine Marketing) is a great way to quickly gain website traffic through search engines like Google (Google Adword platform) and Yahoo (Bing Ads platform). Cost will depend on the how competitive your target keyword is. Be sure to A/B test your ads to fine tune message and offer.

4. Email Marketing

Your subject line is your first (and maybe your last) impression. It’s more important than your message. Create some incentive to engage with your call to action. Lastly have a great landing page to take your visitors (buy now page, more information page, or form). Salesflower provides highly targeted business email lists to get new clients.

5. Measure Performance with Analytics

Measure the success and performance of your marketing efforts with free analytics tool such as Google Analytics. See where people are dropping off and find the bottle necks to improving and optimizing your website/sales funnel. Monitor your performance each month to compare your performance for each marketing channel.

6. Be Mobile Friendly

First you should make sure that your website is responsive and mobile friendly. Mobile usage is increasing each year. Creating an APP for your product/service is a great way to increase user activity and stickiness. What incentive do they have to download your APP? Consider having a rewards programs, offering extra features, etc…

7. Video Advertising

Set up a Company YouTube page with content such as tutorial videos, Q/A’s, product features, & customer testimonials. This also helps establish credibility and brand awareness. Your YouTube channel can be a great marketing tool that provides great returns on investment. Send your prospects and current clients to your YouTube channel to help them get more information or tips on how to utilize your product/service.

8. Provide Live Demonstrations/Screen Share

At Salesflower we use platforms such as Gotomeeting to provide a quick onscreen live demonstration of our product or service features. This can be a great way to teach your prospective client the ins and outs of your product or service. If done correctly, a great live demo can really wow your client and ensure that you get the sale.

9. LinkedIn Prospecting

Just like having a Facebook and Twitter profile, you should have a LinkedIn company page. With Linkedin advertising you can target a specific target segment to your LinkedIn page or website. You can also send InMails to market to prospective clients. You can also use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator platform to find new customers.

10. Create Quality Content

Create informative content to help your customers and clients apply to their own businesses to grow their sales. Become a thought leader in your field of business by striving to be an expert and consuming as much value as you can. Provide people with valuable knowledge that they can apply. From a sales perspective, the more you teach, the more you sell.

11. Direct Mailing

Direct Mailing is a tried and true method that generates results time after time. With the right offer and data, direct mail can deliver more than just a meaningful piece of mail; it can produce a powerful return on investment. Salesflower provides highly accurate B2B leads for direct mailing.

12. Host Educational Webinars

Providing free educational webinars is a great way to get new leads and prospects. Invite your current customers to engage or listen to your webinar. Educational webinars are also great for current customers. Provide time for questions during or after.

Make Your Sales Bloom with Salesflower!

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