B2B Strategy Upgrade For 2019

Time for a B2B Strategy Evaluation

Before getting immersed in the holidays, your team has a limited time to enhance the brand awareness behind the scenes.  Your B2B strategy approach with pragmatic guidelines are below.

Look Back Thoroughly

A business which doesn’t take inventory usually fails over a period of time. Inventory is not only of products but also of ideas used, strategies followed and programs launched. A thorough looking back and reviewing all such efforts can help your business get ahead in the coming year.

Fine-Tuning Content

We have always highlighted “Content is King” but the presentation of your content is vital. Your experts can have a thorough overhaul by adding value so that your prospects can read your expertise.

Video Enhancements

A video which looks great today can also get outdated over a period of time. It pays to have a look at your video content and see where subtle editing can enhance the value. Sometimes, uploading the video with additional comments can enrich them with a much-needed new look.

Webinars & More

Over the year, webinars arranged by your team to clear doubts of your prospects and answer questions from your customers. Now is the time to have a quick look, if there are any overlooked parts. You will be surprised what you find and if not fixed, that will cost your business dollars.

Sales Pitches

One of the essentials is a need this week for a stop-over to review your sales pitches and see which were the winners, which strategies worked and what stayed in also-ran category. Give the cold call guidelines and allied notebooks, email details like subject lines and signatures and other sales B2B strategy tools a look over to update them with pragmatism and freshness.

Fairs and Conferences

Your team of experts have also been participating in your business sector fairs and attending conferences. Now is the time to stitch any loose ends of communications with participants and other business associates. Make a skeleton for future to attend, engage and follow-up with others.

Expert Engagement

Your experts have also been working tirelessly throughout 2018 and now is the time to revamp the B2B strategy. Your experts through participation in business activities, holding webinars, answering queries and putting professional blogs up, have been building your brand name. Time to recap the B2B strategy so you can stay on top of the competition in your business sector as an expert leader and a trusted brand name.

Thank You Notes

To top it all, this week is the best time before the Christmas festivities and New Year greetings take over, to send short, concise and genuine gratitude filled thank you notes to your prospects, customers, business associates, and others on your mailing lists. Do not send Christmas wishes or New Year greetings yet. There will be time ahead for those. An additional profitable way is to also send to your business sector from lists, provided by Salesflower.com, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy.