Cyber Week and Beyond B2B


B2B For Cyber Week and Beyond

Cyber Week is the single most important week of the year. Your marketing team can showcase your business into the digital environment; with promises of an excellent ROI (Return on Investment). Although marketing pundits preach on B2C as the mainstream focus of marketing during the holiday season; our experts have found the following pointers can take your B2B strategy to a success arena.

Little Research

A little research goes a long way to get new prospects into your customer fold. Simple facts like birthdays/marriage anniversaries of not only the CEOs but also the little-known point persons along the way are essential. The important days along the journey for the business, like establishment anniversary, major expansion dates and a new outlet opening, also help. Make sure to have them on a file for usage and use them during this holiday season. Also, make sure to send those small Holiday Wishes notes to everyone on your list.

Loyal Bonds

Nothing works better than using your loyal customers to use a synergy approach to create win-win situations if possible. If a satisfied customer company is willing to give your products a much-needed boost – just grab it as the best offer and do reciprocate. Also of great value is to write letters of appreciation and commending works of your business partners and customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Slightly different but effective is the method of affiliate marketing where your products get pushed by another identity who gets benefited when you make a sale. This concept prevalent from the days of yore can be successfully utilized in the virtual world of marketing also. The offer of commission or a financial award goads your partner to promote your products/solutions and the win-win situation benefits all sides.

Social Media

Social media platforms are a sure success during the holiday season to boost your brand awareness. A YouTube campaign with short videos on your products/solutions and even some testimonials are potentially sure to attract attention and prospects. Facebook offers targeted ads and is one of the best ways to get more eyes on your posts. Twitter is the platform to start and continue business conversations. LinkedIn, the top grosser for B2B marketing gets more active during holidays.

Guest Checkout

Offering guest checkouts can significantly decrease abandonment rates and increase sales. If your business can offer such a gateway then simply offer guest checkout and then an optional opportunity to register. Remember you are trying to focus on the most important part of not making registration a barrier to sale.

Event Promotions

During holiday festive seasons, starting now, your team can get involved in upcoming community events and promote them through the Cyber Week offers. There will be an enhanced interest in meeting your team and checking out your products if you have already reached out to prospects in the area through lists provided by, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy, you are on the winning path. There are search options on the website to optimize lists for your geographical area.

Integrate CRM

The CRM tool provided free with is a valuable platform for maximizing your marketing strategy during this season. The tool ensures that you don’t lose sight of prospects and customers alike as your marketing communications proceed. As your team uses this tool over a period of time, the benefits will overwhelmingly provide a staggering ROI of time and effort.