Last Chance 2018: B2B Marketing


Month to Sum Up B2B Marketing

December is here and time for summing up the year-long work efforts. Keep your unsullied faith flag flying and rejuvenate your unflinching eleven-month long strategy to cap it all in December.

Honest Appraisal

First and foremost do an inventory – including those on active duty and those gathering dust – in your B2B marketing strategy of 2018. Without editing, make a list and then proceed along the following points.

Segregation Baskets

Once your collection of strategy data is ready, you segregate them under 3 or 4 headings; from least useful to excellent usage. This will help your team to fine-tune those along pragmatic lines.

Least Useful

Least useful shouldn’t be treated as useless and discarded without an improvement trial as sometimes a little fine-tuning can dramatically change the effect status. It will be better to check your approach, for example, an email – try shorter, concise single product approach or a solution based offer.

Best Moves

Instead of just overindulgence in some of the best ways you have found for getting your prospects, make sure to keep a vigilant eye on what is working and keep it going but in a healthy way. No need to change or modify but an alert system to keep it fit and working is essential so your experts are aware if there are hiccups or deceleration in functionality.

Old Wine – New Bottles

Your old ideas, offers and even Call to Action (CTA) efforts – all never grow old with time. They might get dusty and look old to you because of familiarity but remember to get those vitalized. Your team should look at those from – all the eleven months – and see how those can be freshly dressed as sum up offers in December.

CRM Usage

The CRM tool provided free with, must be activated if not in use or revived if lying dormant for a while. December is the month to check what prospects are still in hesitant mode. Work at maximizing your B2B marketing strategy during this season. The tool ensures that you don’t lose sight of prospects and customers alike plus keep refilling your funnel along the way.

Gratitude Week

This is the week to start sending your Thank you notes – very short and crisp – to everyone whose contact details you have. This is a continuous process and needs to be taken care of throughout this month of December. Make sure to include all prospects, customers, business associates, and even postal services or other services you use.

Last Chance 2018

Remember to play with the phrase “last chance of 2018” this whole month while reaching out to the prospects on your lists, provided by, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy. A timer popup or button can help keep prospects alert as the festivities distract attention.