B2B Content Marketing For Small Businesses

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Small businesses are often times faced with constraints like working with a limited budget, or being spread too thin across different tasks and responsibilities. For many businesses, these challenges lead to a lack of allocation of time and resources towards content marketing.

Since content marketing is a vital part of any marketing strategy, it is imperative that B2B companies spend some time creating and distributing content to their followers or prospective customers. B2B content marketing is one of the best ways to engage with and get new customers. The best part about content marketing is doesn’t require that much time and money to construct and deliver content.

Increase your web presence and help your small business create valuable content with the following tips:

Establish yourself as an expert or industry thought leader

Give your business credibility by sharing your knowledge and opinions with others through informational content. Writing often and maintaining an active blog is highly recommended.

Provide value by creating informative content

Educate consumers by teaching them how to apply new practices to their businesses. There is a saying that goes, “the more you teach, the more you sell.” Educating consumers leaves a lasting impression and entices them to come back to learn more.

Write how-to’s

 Providing how-to guides or tutorials are a great way to engage with your audience. Screen recording a step by step video of how to use your product/service/website is a great way to get views on your YouTube channel.

Hire a college intern to write

If you are a small business with a small budget, one option for some good inexpensive content would be to create a job posting seeking students at your local college …. College students are always eager to gather some real job experience through internships.

Write content that is timeless, as well as trendy

Creating content that can be shared and read time over time, will yield a higher ROI for that article. Writing about trending topics and tying them back into with your product or service is another great way to capture traction quickly, but might not have the longevity of a timeless piece of content.

Recycle & re-share old posts

Re-share old pieces of content if they are still relevant. If you decide to repost them on social media platforms, be sure to write a new descriptions or provide new pictures to go along with your article.

Hopefully these B2B content marketing tips will help your business grow and increase sales. If you already have great content but are having trouble reaching business people, then using salesflower.com for B2B sales leads and email lists would be perfect for you! Dispersing your content through email marketing, such as conducting a white paper campaign is a great option to reach a larger audience. To get started with a free trial go to www.salesflower.com/free-trial today!