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Thanksgiving B2B Strategies

Thanksgiving week is here and as most of the entrepreneurs will head to a Thanksgiving table. The businesses will like to be a part of your Thanksgiving circle. The former is happening anyway but the latter needs your attention as a marketing team strategist. Be cautioned that during this period when individuals are heading to family reunions, B2B marketing strategies are put on the back burner in most of the business sectors. Time to beat the napping competition and fine-tune your B2B sales policy with help from our expert pointers:

Thank You Notes

First and foremost, a thank you note to your business customers is a must. An email with concise text, written in a plain but personalized style is essential to start with. Remembering to say thank you in a short and caring manner is more than enough.

Community Care

Make this Thanksgiving a virtual get-together for your business community where ill-feelings and competitiveness are forgotten. Getting your business sector together on a Thanksgiving Virtual Hub will go a long way in putting you in the hearts of your audience. Donating to a cause there can add to your sparkle.

Loyal Ones

A great idea is to feature your loyal business associates and customers on your website. Saying a Thank You for them being there for your business and a partnership over a period of time, won’t cost you much but will be much appreciated.

Freebies and Offers

Labeling them as Thanks for being a Loyal Customer, a subscription discount, a free upgrade or a bunch of e-books or just an offer to provide free expertise to look into the problems, are some of the best ways to attract attention. Such a reach out can be timely and profitable when the competition is in idling mode. The fact that your experts are ready to answer queries will not be lost on your prospects and customers. Remember problems don’t respect holidays so why should your marketing strategy with solutions.

We’re Closed

During the holiday season, most business corporate offices set their email responders to automated modes. But remember someone is checking the emails and messages, plus if there is a problem popping up, then your solution-oriented email will definitely get attention. Your team should send concise, short and solution-based email messages. Most business, especially when facing a problem will check their emails and if you are offering something that is relevant, you are a winner.

Stay in Black

Any accounts manager wants to keep the company balance sheets in black instead of slipping into the red zone. Your team can use some imagination to streamline your marketing strategy for your Black Friday to bolster your confidence and make your brand a successful topper in your business sector.

Last but not the Least

Remember to use your treasure trove of emails from the lists provided by Salesflower.com, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy, as you fine-tune your strategy with the aforementioned guiding pointers.