4 Effective Channels for Successful B2B Sales Leads Generation

There are many different ways to capture B2B sales leads from many different sources and platforms. Having multiple ways to capture leads will tell you which methods of lead generation are the most effective for your business. Applying the following B2B lead generation strategies will help your business increase leads, maximize ROI, and most importantly grow your sales.

So you are probably wondering which lead generation channels are most popular, right? Well, according to a 2014 survey conducted by MarketingCharts.com, B2B marketers used the following channels to accumulate sale leads:

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Email marketing

This is the most popular method used among marketers and continues to be the most widely used since marketers are able to reach thousands of people at a given time. If used correctly, email marketing can be a very effective channel to reach many people, create good leads, and ultimately get sales. Many of our customers choose us because we provide a shortcut to providing them the most accurate b2b sales leads in the industry.

Content Marketing (like this article)

Creating content such as infographics, videos, white papers, webinars, and other types of media can be a great way to reach your audience and provide a lasting effect by providing some sort of valuable and useful information.

Search Marketing (SEO and SEM)

So assuming that you have a website with an optimized landing page, and a contact form to capture leads, your next step would be to make sure that your website and webpages are visible on google and other search engines. The best way to ensure visibility is to create a website sitemap so that your website can be seen by google bots that crawl and index your webpages.  Paid advertising through platforms like Google Adwords and Bing Ads for your main pages takes this a step further. Paying to have your website or webpage show up at the top of the search engine results is a way to speed up the process of getting traffic and ultimately getting leads for your business.

Social Media

Once you create an informational piece of content for your target audience, you can then share it across different social platforms such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus, and other website. You can get leads by sending traffic from social media profiles to our optimized landing page (with a contact form), or you can even see who has engaged with your content and send them a direct message via social media.

Now that you know which B2B sales leads strategies are still effective, you can be on your way to making your sales bloom. Implementing the tips above, in addition to using salesflower.com’s business sales leads can be a great way to grow your business. Kickstart your business and increase your sales with our unlimited B2B sales leads, email lists, & mailing lists. Start your free trial!