3 Essential Tips for Successful B2B Selling

B2B selling essentials to increase your sales

b2b selling, business leads, sales leadsApproaching B2B (business-to-business) selling requires a different approach and skillset when compared to B2C (business-to-consumer) sales. Although similar in many cases, there are many difference between selling B2C and B2B selling. For instance, when compared to B2C selling, B2B typically requires more time to close the sale during the decision making-process. Sales people typically have to go through multiple decision-makers when pursing a B2B partnership. Additionally, building a relationship with the buyer has more importance when selling B2B.

By customizing your sales approach with a B2B consultative mindset, you will have more success with your leads. The following are three tips that every B2B sales person and marketer should know. Just like Salesflower.com’s slogan, putting these tips in place “will make your sales bloom”.

  1. Do some research on their company blog
    • A company’s blog will reveal a lot about their core values and their company culture. Identify who is participating on the blog, and if an executive is on there, this can be a good way to learn about what they’re interested in. Having an inside look into their interests and how they think should be taken advantage of early in the relationship.
  2. Take a more consultative approach (teaching is the new selling)
    • Express concern for the buyer’s needs.
    • Ask intelligent questions and listen attentively to find opportunities for help
    • Be friendly and confident when helping the buyer purchase without being pushy.
    • Address concerns that may come up.
    • Respond with questions by looking for opportunities to teach.
  3. Ask the tough questions early on
    • By asking your prospect tough questions early on, you can get a sense of gauging of how interested they are. Figure out if they already have a product or service in place, and if so, see if they are looking to replace their current one. Also figure out if the company is too small or if their budget is even big enough to afford your services. If not, move on the next lead.

Utilize Salesflower for B2B Selling

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