5 Ways Google Analytics Can Grow Your Business

Many businesses are utilizing website analytics tools like Google Analytics. At salesflower.com, Google Analytics is big part of our business reporting and analysis. Tools like these help businesses track their website performance and help answer many questions that would otherwise been left unanswered.

If you are small business owner with a website, you should use analytics to your benefit. Think of it as a competitive advantage.

Google Analytics is a free tool for everyone to use. Installation is very easy. Once creating an account, you simply upload the code that they generate for you onto your website. Done correctly, you should instantly start tracking information from your website visitors. Now you can start seeing how effective your website is.

google-analytics-screen-shot Google Analytics

At Salesflower.com we utilize Google Analytics for:

  • Conversation tracking – Seeing which keywords and ads are converting the best
  • ROI analysis, seeing which source or medium is the best
  • Bounce rates – seeing which pages are sticky, and which ones are ineffective
  • Percentage of new users vs. existing visitors
  • Which platforms users are using the most – desktop vs. tablet vs. mobile device.
  • Which webpage are the most popular
  • Etc…

One main way we’re using Google Analytics is for tracking our SEM (search engine marketing) or paid search advertising. All of the information such as clicks, subscriptions, costs, etc.. are populating in Google Analytics from Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and all of the other advertising platforms that we’re using.

We recommend using Google Analytics to our Salesflower.com customers who have a business website. With a Salesflower.com subscription you get unlimited access to business leads, email lists, and mailing lists, which you can use to market your website to potential customers.

Additionally, when you capture a visitor’s email address or telephone number through a website form, you can then use Salesflower’s databases to get more information on that prospect to help you convert that website visitor into a paying customer or subscriber. Our business databases house millions of business records which can help you expand your businesses. With the help of Google Analytics, you can track many of the metrics listed above to help your business succeed.