7 Effective Telemarketing Skills for Lead Generation


We applaud the role of time, patience and practice in honing the effective skills as a top-notch telemarketer but we also recommend effective time management, unflinching patience, and diligent practice of the following telemarketing methods.

Master of Product

You must be able to answer any questions about the product and its solutions you are planning to market over the phone. Experts always recommend starting with mastering one product before moving onto another. Remember: try not to be the jack of all products and master of none.

It’s best to have real-life conversations with any available customer or someone who has an in-depth knowledge or has used it. They’re much more likely to know the positive traits and hiccups. You will do well to make notes of those answers and your reactions along the way.

Written Script instead of Impromptu Talk

Over the years, experts have cautioned against taking an unscripted call even if you think you have the “best knowledge” of the product/solution in the field. Conversations are bilateral but with a script, you can steer it to your advantage. A personalized script must have all the simple data included and include a warm greeting (e.g. a soft-worded request for their time and attention) as well as product/solution details. Even if you are fluent in the script, still keep it open in the front as you converse.

Smiling Voice

You should never underestimate the value of a smile; the mood behind it, especially in a phone conversation, is very noticeable. Voice specialists. A smiling, fun-to-talk-to, relaxed tone, punctuated with pleasantries — call can clinch a deal. Even if a deal doesn’t go through, the chances for a future positive response is much higher already, so pay attention to your “smiling voice.”

Set Achievable Goals: One Day/One Call at a Time

The telemarketing world has a tradition of setting up goals which could be daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Any telemarketer knows that setting personal, daily-goals is the first step in reducing the amount of stress throughout the work-week. Do not get disheartened by failure to clinch a deal or overzealous with lots of success. Keep your cool with the one call at a time focusing on one day at a time.

Handling Umpteen Unexpected Reactions

While handling the job of a telemarketing professional there will be stomping, slamming and verbal abuse in response to your cold calls but remember to keep your “smiling voice” intact. Remember you are not aware of the physical, mental or spiritual condition of the person on the other side of the line. In every case, use The Golden Rule: treat other people the way you would want to be treated.

In today’s culture, your average “Jane & John Doe” typically react to a telemarketing call negatively. Especially with the advent of cell phones: people have a perception that their number is more private.

That being said, the feeling of having a stranger cold-calling a presumed personal cell phone can be very invasive. So do your best not to take negative reactions personally given today’s culture.

Using Salesflower.com B2B Database

When you use our database to reach out to business leads, remember there are very elaborate and subtle search criteria. Salesflower.com’s powerful database also includes unlimited executive email lists available with a subscription. Both tools help save you time in finding the perfect business leads which, in turn, saves you money.

Personal Touch

In addition to the guidelines above, you’ll find the last factor is just as important. Always carry a manual with personalized notes/details of the product, FAQ’s, raised doubts, and positive traits of the product/solution.