Important Dates are a Goldmine of Data


Goldmine of Data from Important Dates

What separates the winners from those who make an attempt is an overthought question. But only a select few make that extra effort to get into that ‘winning’ bunch.



Time to explore and save birthdays of anyone you have interacted with or are projecting to do so. Not to be limited to top persons in an organization but small fish also who can advocate your business in a major way. If you are asking a customer or a prospect their birth details, it’s better to avoid asking year of birth unless given on a voluntary basis. You can simply ask for the month and date of birth during email or direct mail interactions or while cold calling. Dates are important to remember.



A dynamic list of start days and major milestones in their journey is essential and must be updated at regular intervals. Your presence either virtual or a real mail card will be appreciated by one and all.



Also, have a list of locations the business is. If there’s a special event occurring, advertise your business in that specific location. Even a nudge to the historical site or event organizers, congratulating them for having a business in their midst, will go a long way.


Be Proactive and Personal

In sending such messages or wishes make sure not to be lazy and just send a generic message. Your best bet is to have a personalized message that will stick and your enterprise will stand out.

With spotting and compiling these lists, your team should take this opportunity to reach out and achieve greater success. Your databases might be overflowing with information, like purchasing behavior and monetary power from household income. But remember, birthdays, anniversaries of businesses, and historical facts never change. These provide your team an essentially effortless opportunity to cement ties with present customers and attract new prospects.