B2B – B2C Business Strategies

B2C and B2B Aim for Pragmatic Strategies

The line of demarcation between B2C and B2B is thinning or widening. Although, this depends on which expert we ask in the fields but one point all of them agree. There are basic similarities and optimized ways to move forward in both cases. Keeping in mind subtle fine tunings of the following factors:

Milestones to the Goal

Most of the businesses dream of lofty goals but the strategy to success is in defining not only an achievable goal but also milestones along the way in space and time. Looking at it as a drive along the highway, the team can use reverse engineering to mark milestones along the way to the finale. This keeps the progress on track, uplifts the morale of the team members and helps fine-tune the strategy where needed.

Demographic Factor

Demographic targeting should be focussed as much as possible and never should be a halfhearted effort. It is seen in many cases, the teams launch a demographic campaign without right perspectives. It’s best to first visualize a dummy virtual model of the demography your team is targeting and then go for leads using the model.

Funnel Depth Difference

Your team must understand the targeting prospect to differentiate between B2C or B2B as the time taken to touch base, explanatory exchange and decision making vary in both these cases. B2B will take more time due to the internal process of decision making. While in B2C, these can be made at a much faster pace.

Video Content

All strategies highlight the value of content in subject and depth. But one of the factors which are becoming more and more useful is explanatory video content. Your experts must make a concise video explaining your product in simple language and deliver it with an impeccable voice.