Exhibitionist and Money Makers

More Conversions for Exhibitionist, Less for Money-makers

As an entrepreneur, you want to get the highest conversion ratio instead of a very colorful choice filled webpage. This is where the onlookers will window shop.

The following points can guide you to raise your ROI and have a serene sleep at night:

On the Home Page

The choices on your homepage should be the main focus. Your product, and your solutions, which you are offering to the prospects. Your home page should not be very detail oriented with countless links. Too many links will draw attention away from the initial steps of converting leads to customers. Fewer distractions will lead to more prospects to clients conversions.

Social Share Buttons

Some of the websites are seen as very colorful with a large number of all possible social media sharing buttons. From a visitor’s point of view, that might look attractive but as a prospect or even a client, one will be daunted to start selecting and sharing on even one button. Overwhelming for the person to click on even one by just looking at the line of buttons. The buttons represent your call to action and too many choices will lessen chances of those being used.

Number of Forms and Fields

You must have a single form to start with but it must also not overwhelm visitors with too many fields. As a rule, the first handshake through the form should be sweet, welcoming but firm. Too many fields will result in prospects/visitors abandoning the filling out halfway through while a short brisk fill-out form will connect you with more prospects.

Trial and Error Method

The steps of arriving at a solution through trial and error are excellent when it comes to making the aforementioned choices. For every sector, business and demographics, there are different social media platforms which are appropriate hence making a wise choice is essential. Your team needs to test, optimize and make sure to make those offers of filling out forms, social media buttons among others, work for you.