Email Marketing – Expert Tips

Email Strategy That Works

With the advent of the internet, emails became an essential part of any marketing strategy. From the groceries to IT solutions, all use email marketing in some way or other. If you send emails to the lists provided by, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy, remember to fine-tune with the following guidelines:


In your maiden email, it is advisable to offer an unsubscribe option to respect the prospect. If your email follows the guidelines you will have the least number of prospects opting out. There should always be your contact information prominently displayed if the prospects want further information.

Artificial Intelligence

There are products available for use with artificial intelligence (AI) so that your email can provide you with certain data. For example feedback, from the addressee like if it was opened, when it was opened and any other relevant information, can be useful for further usage.

Concise and Relevant

The body of the email must be short but relevant to the business sector. Usually, the retail or grocery and other allied businesses have a long list to promote and want to include all. This can annoy your prospects so concentrate on a particular set of products and solutions to keep the email concise.

Landing Page

A landing page with Call-to-Action (CTA) must be included for the prospect who wants to immediately get in touch and has a problem for which you have suggested a solution in your email. Directing to a landing page is relevant because the reader/prospect goes to the pinpointed page with the specific information. If directed to the webpage, there will be widespread distractions and you might miss the chance to convert a prospect to client.

Irresistible Offers

Instead of just repeating what is available your email should entice your audience. Offer an early bird price. A freebie which is exclusive. A discount which is competitive or just a great deal.

Time the Delivery

Your team should make sure to identify the optimized delivery time for your audience. Not only the time of the day but also the business sector figures into it. If you are targeting stay at home, housewives then the time will be different than if your target audience is fashion-savvy fast-track business executives. Make sure not to follow some generic statistical data as that will definitely land you in a traffic jam with your competitors.

Work Aesthetics

The email appearance starting from subject line to the end signatures must have an appeal. Adding a picture with a relevant infographic can be great.

Mobile Friendly

In today’s fast-track world, most probably your email will be opened on a mobile device so it should be optimized for the purpose. The mobile optimization is not only about readability but also to a less talked about practical factor, the buttons suitable for fat fingers.