Big Data: Starting From Scratch


Big Gains from Big Data

Big data stands for the compiling of exponentially-increasing information data-trove of all sorts. Businesses have millions of dollars allotted to their Big Data collection, only. A Big Mistake which must be avoided.

Writing in Entrepreneur, Vin Gupta,  founder of & said, “Big Data is the buzzword today,” but added, “Big Data can be a ‘big pile of trash,’ unless mined by geniuses.”

These words of caution go a long way in saving time and money for your business. When you start optimizing the usage of Big Data your team should follow these guidelines to get the best results.

Stay Focussed

Your hardware can constantly work to acquire information but you need to define and stay focused on what is of value to your business directly. It’s easy to get lost in the web of Big Data; have your experts define the way forward. According to IBM, the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming, with over 2.5 quintillion bytes generated every day.

Generate Insights

Unstructured data can be a waste of time and money to work with but once distilled can be an asset. For example, there are A.I. solutions that can shift through anything from daily activity on social sites to videos posted online. The results can provide a much-needed insightful understanding of your client details and projections for your prospects identification modules.

Get Creative With Big Data

In addition to the relevant statistics the software throws in, your experts must use creative ideas; including innovative ways to develop campaigns that improve customer satisfaction and work on prospect attraction.


Based on Data output, if your audience is attracted to video blogs or webinars, use this knowledge to create similar videos to reach a wider audience. On the other hand, if data suggests a certain segment of consumers are receiving less direct mail but are still subscribing to mailing lists, your marketing team can accentuate the focus on their direct mail campaigns and invest in more creative options, such as uniquely-shaped postcards.

Your marketing team must ensure the best professional look at the analytical outputs from the information to develop innovative campaigns. There are creative paths to get ahead of the competition when you optimize the process.