The Best Kept Secrets: Database Usage

Accentuate Database Usage in Lead Generation

With the pundits offering a number of paths to B2B/B2C lead generations, real success originates from using databases provided by quality outlets. With the business databases of having 95% accuracy while consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, the optimized use is a must to get best ROI.

Investing in such high-powered lists is the first step and there are simple guidelines to help you reach your end-goals. At the onset, your team must do the necessary research before reaching out. It’s not just names, phone numbers, and email addresses that can be extracted from the available databases. Before you pick up the phone or shoot an email, thorough research against each is mandatory to get best results.

Contact Details

In addition to getting the contact details from the lists, your team should look for additional details which can be accessed through social media and other search engine methods. It’s very important to identify the right contact person if possible to reach out for saving time.


The ownership of the business gives a good idea of the personality of the business. A family-owned business, a partnership venture or a commercial establishment, seek solutions for their problems in their own ways. Geographical location is vital for different sector and businesses. You will not find leads for snow-ski solutions in Florida. Nor people looking for swimsuits in Alaska. Identifying geographical locations for your prospects helps narrow your reach out time and efforts.



The “melting pot” of populations concept is great but there are always present a demographic element in the populations of even a big city. Depending on the business products and solutions, your team should be able to identify and narrow down the targeted audience for your strategy. The more defined your focus is, the better will be the returns on your investments (ROI).

Techie Equations

Looking for technological levels of expertise especially in certain sectors pays to package your solutions for the best possible results in making a deal. Higher the tech level, more detailed will be the quest of the prospect to look for an advanced solution. Also will be their effort to look for an optimized solution as soon as possible with least frills. If you are in the high-tech solution provider, pay more attention to this factor.

Similarity Breeds Success

Once you have started getting success in target companies, it’s best to use the principle of “similarity” in other markets. Your team will do well to use to draw attention to which leads convert and then find similar outfits to pitch. With the right databases of, your team will be surprised to see excellent results pouring in.


Final Word

Remember that anyone can buy great lists from and launch on lead generation. But you need to do the necessary research, optimize the strategy and build an infrastructure to build a great loyal customer base from these excellent databases of prospects. Our experts are always available to help out in any hiccups you or your team encounters along the way.