Your Website: The New ‘First Impression’

Website Loving Click, Click and More Clicks

With the half-yearly mark on the calendar, its time to fine-tune what you are offering your visitors on your website. You’ll be able to celebrate at the end of the year if there is an implementation of these guidelines.

Pertinent Suggestions

Once the visitor has landed on your website, remember the visit is for a reason and if you can address that, you are a winner. Your team must realize that your call-to-action speaks to a visitor at the appropriate page; serving them with a pertinent suggestion while they’re engaged. For different sectors and businesses, these pointers vary but most sales professionals visualize what are the doubts and questions and at which pages.

Respect Cyclic Order

From a visit to your website or connecting with your team to the completion of a sale; the prospect is constantly in a flux looking for the finale. There are a number of call-to-action choices for all the pages on your website; the smartest way to get a winning combination is to incorporate your offer to the stage of the sales cycle. Once one query is answered, usually the visitor has a follow-up one so the arrangement of answers is vital to keep the prospect engaged.

Language Matters

You can have a call-to-action with a choice of words which convey your true and best intentions. Sometimes the language needs to avoid any words which have become the flag-bearers of spammers. An expert can have a look at the subject matter to make sure your team doesn’t make this fatal mistake.

Clarity Paves the Way Forward

With the internet-savvy prospects in majority nowadays, it’s best to be concise and clear in your message throughout the presentation so that you can do a pragmatic and successful persuasion. To get a click on your call-to-action, clarity is the magic word. Your prospect must be not only enticed to click but also know with confidence what they will get if they choose to click.

Design, Align the Offers

The designing of the call-to-action along with its alignment on the web pages accordingly goes a long way to deliver the message. Color, fonts and other allied factors help in giving an aesthetically inviting look to your visitor to stay and engage.

Summing it all up, your team must have a call-to-action offer to the right visitor. The right visitors arrive as your team uses the business databases of; having 95% accuracy while consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy.