Keeping Up With The Times

Modernizing With Creative Business Strategies

The strategies don’t get old but with changing times, it’s better we dress them in modern outfits. A simple touch of creative business and innovative ideas can go a long way in distinguishing you from your competition. In the world of marketers and sellers, one thing which is constant; the prospects are constantly changing in their approach hence demanding adjustments in marketing strategies. Here our experts give a modern look to age-old methods.


With the available leads from, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, you can start on an email campaign focussed on your prospects. These databases also provide you search options which can give you added advantage of making special lists for your targeted audiences. With an opt-in/out option, you can use the CRM to note these feedbacks. Without flooding the inboxes, you can use high-value content to stay in touch.


What used to be word-of-mouth, is modern times online testimonials. Nothing works better than real success stories in any fields. Even a few original customer testimonials (better if there are short video clips) from identified customers, do wonders to attract prospects. The work of your marketing team gets smoother and easier with the use of such direct endorsements.


Earlier times, a host of marketing team members were collecting and pursuing prospects at trade fairs and other gatherings. In modern times, in addition to real-life encounters, there are lots of opportunities online, where your team can grab attention and connect. Online two-way conversations, if handled with ease and confidence, tend to develop trust factor. These lead to not only direct deals but also recommendations to creative business associates and friends who need what you are offering as a solution.


Instead of just having a homepage, there are many creative business guides which can lead prospects to particular landing pages where the visitors are given explicit Call to Action (CTA) instructions while offering them special deals or trial periods. The language that builds trust and specific offers, definitely makes visitors pause and contemplate. Also, your Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions should be able to grab the details of every visitor for further perusal.


The word “care” when understood in the right marketing perspective will help your team to optimize the strategy. As humans (all businesses are run by humans), your clients, your loyal customers and your prospects “care” for the right solutions you are providing for their problems. The whole marketing strategy should be to “care” for the problems and hiccups, your client and prospects might have.