Fall Into a New Marketing Strategy

Fall is Here

With the arrival of the official Fall season, its time to get rid of your old marketing strategies. The best way forward is to get an honest assessment of 2018 attempts.

Mobile Marketing

The fastest growing trend in 2018 has been the mobile-friendly nature of interactions in the virtual world. People from all walks of life and various sectors are looking at their subjects of interest on the go. Researching purchases on mobile devices are expanding. And if your page is not responsive do you expect visitors to hang around for long?


In tune with mobile strategy, the content must be revised to check if its concise and easy to read on a faster smaller mobile device like a phone. The landing pages and email templates must be able to show clearly sans the extra heavy flashy loads of desktops or even laptops.


In the recent months, there are AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions coming up at a faster speed to automate your lead nurturing process till the end where the prospect is in for a deal. Time to see which AI ones fit your domain and your specialized business sector to identify the right prospects in your visitors and segregate them to be pursued in a personalized way, to the next step towards conversion.

Social Media

There is a boom in new social media platforms but not all are worth pursuing. Our experts found that some localized social media can be more profitable to engage for some businesses than others. Real Estate is one such business. But overall, your team must look at your marketing strategies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other hosts of wider range social media platforms and fine-tune your marketing strategies, based on the feedback and success rates with audiences,

Optimize Listings

Last but not the least, there is a fact you can not overlook; without a reliable source of leads, your business growth is going nowhere. The best way forward is to use leads provided by Salesflower.com. Where the business databases, have 95% accuracy. Your team can use the tools provided to optimize your own lists from these to feed your funnel as the Fall progresses on to a successful ROI (Return on Investments) path, covered with beautiful leaves and drenched in fall colors.