Your Online Presence Matters

Online Presence Expansion

With online presence spreading exponentially, there are more and more strategies which are making themselves available. Even if you have a robust online presence, you can check the following twists to your approach.

YouTube Usage

You can post videos on YouTube with an eye on most popular or searched subjects related to your business sector. One of the first easy ones is about your products/solutions. Your experts can decide which ones will have an audience and then use the in-video link to direct the audience to a landing page. Always remember to provide opt-in or sign-in options. If you are providing value-adding video clips, there will be an audience willing to sign-in to watch more detailed expert tutorials or answers to problems faced in your business domain.

New Opportunities from Podcast

Podcasting is catching up fast as more and more people on mobile devices listen. Your experts can identify subjects of importance and urgency to launch your own podcasts. Also, being guests on other podcasters on the subjects. Your marketing team can use leads provided by, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy, and you can start reaching out to invite an audience for your podcasts.


Although there are many varieties of webinars, one you must host and have a link on the landing pages. There your experts will address a common problem in your field and how your products/solutions are solving them, improving them as you listen to client feedback. As you go along, highlight the solutions, without sounding like pushing for a sale.

Product/Solution Demo

On your landing pages, your experts can demonstrate that you have a solution to the problems facing your audience. Demos can be short, informative and fine-tuned to your business specific audience and then further detailed explanatory videos can be provided after the visitor opts-in.