Lead Generation & What You Thought You Knew…

Everyone in marketing knows ‘lead gen’: you identify new prospects, then turn those leads into new sales. But to keep your funnel full of potential and viable prospects, use some unorthodox ways to beat the competition. If you want leads to generate while you are offline, then the following steps will help you build a marketing strategy.

Understanding Value of Expertise

Without mincing words, we can say that no one cares for your business; or if you are making money or not but everyone is looking for solutions to their problems. If you could provide those solutions, you are in the success league. But also understand that if you establish yourself as “the experts” in the field of your operations, you have won the battle as all seekers will flock to you for the answers. Now the question is how to be a brand with “experts” tag and here are the answers:

Event Speakers

Before the Internet took the marketing world by storm; the trade shows were where visitors turned into prospects and with further callback and pursuing into clients. Today that same valuable reach outs can be achieved at different events. Your experts can speak on generic problems and specific solutions in your field of work; you will realize there is a tremendous potential to tap into the untrodden market venues.

Event Volunteering

Your team can benefit from volunteering to help organize and run an event in your specific sector. And in a particular geographic area of interest to your business. Organizers are always helpful and are ready to give free time for presentations. Also,  prime space for a booth and other facilities for such help. Once your team has tasted success in this approach, there will be more and more encouragement and opportunities.

Blogging on Website

Blogging through your website is an excellent way to build visibility for your experts. Remember to keep a regular schedule as the readers like to know when you are updating on a weekly basis. With your own experts identifying subjects and going into detail for addressing the specifics of your business area, you are in control to highlight the problems and solutions.

Regular Webinar

The ongoing value of hosting webinars on a regular basis is undeniable; but keep them focussed and interesting for your audiences by listening to and interacting with them in a very free, frank and vibrant way. Webinars by experts on a regular basis are one of the major ways to build your brand and become known experts in the markets of your choice.

Consistency on Social Media

Most of the marketing strategies fail to succeed because there is a lack of consistent synergy. With high-level contents from blogging and webinars, your team must utilize various social media platforms to spread those and engage with audiences there. Also keep in mind the timezones you are targeting as the lifetime of the posts is a few hours on social media.

Caution of Not Slacking Up

When the going gets smooth and business is booming, that is the time to double your efforts and not sit back and enjoy laurels. As the expertise of your team providing answers spreads, the brand name will shine and your Return on Investment (ROI) will boom. With the available leads from Salesflower.com’s Business Databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, your nurturing can start from there