Rising With The Tide

Real Answers For B2B Customers?

The Internet is rife with answers to anything you can usually think of but the questions that always hang over the prospects looking for answers are: How authentic? How deep and understanding? Is there a pragmatic product to go with it?

The Reliable Experts

Announce availability of experts to answer “Anything” in the realm of the subjects under your business domain. Also,  answers can be provided in links on your website where prospects can look for lessons learned and actionable pragmatic solutions. A regular schedule of interactions where these experts can clear doubts, get prospects to get hooked to flock to you for answers and mark you as The Reliable Experts. There is umpteen number of questions in all business segments so be prepared to answer.

Videos Capture Attention

In addition to expertise in laden content, helpful videos for prospects are also a sure success point for returning visitors and converting prospects to clients. Some of the business products can benefit the prospects with a How it Works kind of videos as well. Remember to keep the videos entertaining and avoid being dull with too much technical input.

Power of Third Party Review Boards

Some customers love to get involved in furthering your cause; especially if they feel their valuable inputs are being listened to and incorporated. Those clients can always be encouraged with Call to Action offers to leave their reviews on third-party sites. For some businesses, these are a must and your team must monitor the third party review boards to answer/improve any negative remarks left by a prospect and address issues raised there.

Free Trials and Money Back Guarantee

There are pragmatic ways to offer products for users to try if the prospects can get satisfied with them. These offers vary as the various businesses have different requirements and all solutions cannot be offered free. But there are always tactics which are used by business owners to provide a taste of the products. In general the following work for most businesses.

Free trials are a magnet for prospects; but with more and more scammers getting involved, your team must make sure to keep the small print.

A clear and transparent usually 30-day money back guarantee works wonders as the prospect feels safe to test the product and solutions to make sure those work for them. Here a clarity in terms and conditions helps in infusing confidence in the prospects.