July Calling: Planning The Second Half of 2018

July Calls for Calendar Scheduling

With July here, your marketing team can float a six-month calendar with a strategy to plan, create and hold successful webinars, the rest of the details work out around that. You can also put a business planning schedule for 2019 for further planning over the coming months.


A flexible plan of webinars for the next six months with topics of interest in your line of business is the first step for a new dynamic marketing strategy to generate a very successful lead generation. Also for audience building, make sure to use leads from Salesflower.com, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy.


With the planning of your webinar schedule for the next six months, make sure to keep content quality high and focused on the subject of choice. Also, the content focus will serve you more than one ways as you plan your strategy ahead.

Various Platforms

Your team must make sure to benefit maximum from a live audience by providing different platforms; including social media like Twitter and Facebook for comments and feedback.

Around the Webinars

The scheduled webinars serve as anchors for putting your expert content out there for the “hungry for more” audience. Your team can schedule pre-webinar content postings through blogs and other platforms. Then come post-webinar blog posts and related content. Hyperlinking around helps in expanding the reach. This varies for different business sectors.


In many businesses, the prospects and clients love to get e-books which are compiled on the basis of webinar content; interaction with the attendees and expert comments. Even adding names with comments (with due permission obviously) of participants goes a long way to get your audience involved for future. E-books, thus produced is a great way to offer free quality value to loyal customers and potential prospects. Downloads of e-books also generate leads if your team keeps an eye on the process/

Building Blocks

With a few webinars with excellent content and a live audience participation, its time to build around those high-quality presentations. Innovate to not only post the videos of the presentations but also other allied derivatives like the audio links, the transcripts, the Q-A sessions including answers and any extra comments from your experts.

Polls and Results

Some businesses can benefit from a post-webinar poll and after an expert analysis of the feedback, float a conclusion document to include the concerns, questions raised and expert answers to them.