You Had Me At “Marketing Strategy”

Change: Essence of  Your Marketing Strategy

At the half-yearly mark, you are in the process of identifying new prospects and utilizing a variety of tactics to turn those leads into sales. Especially with the ultra-modern fast-paced virtual world, there are constant changes in consumer habits. Your marketing strategy team must realize that what your prospects and clients want and expect today is widely different from a couple of years ago.

Our experts are constantly monitoring these changing habits and prospect behaviors while providing with leads from the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy.

Here are some essential expert guidelines to match the way today prospects are looking for products in various businesses:

Mobile Marketing Strategy

In recent years, the search engines are reporting maximum users accessing from mobile devices; hence it makes sense to optimize your mobile marketing strategy efforts for lead generation purposes. Although it sounds obvious, your experts must make sure to optimize the fonts, colors and content presentation for maximizing the impact as remembering “First Cut is the Deepest,” for lead generation in any business.

HTTPS Conversion

Google Chrome, one of the prime web browsers has started adding a label on HTTP sites. The practice since October last year gives visitors a “not secure” warning if your site hasn’t been converted to HTTPS. “Not Secure” definitely scares away visitors and usually those won’t be coming back soon.

AI Solutions

If you haven’t, its high time to launch a smart engaging program on your website. The AI solutions are offering recognition of visitors by IP address while collecting details and retargeting. The moment a visitor arrives on your page, there is an AI person, ready to engage, deliver answers to basic questions and more.

Automation on Social Media

Gone are the days when your team member had to sit and update each social media platform individually. Now your team can boost your digital footprints by combing the efforts to post on social platforms used by your target audience. Time to automate and schedule a blog post, update shares and likes, send out tweets.

Lead Magnets

Another interesting term, lead magnets; which is nothing but offering free content that is in demand by your clients; many including

Depending on your business, your team can look into the changing styles, to rearrange your marketing strategy for now.