SEO Content Marketing

Search Methodology and Content Marketing

The very fact that you want to attract prospects based on search engine results and other allied ways shows that you need to focus on “content.” As a content marketer, you need an essential concise strategy when you are planning, analyzing, and executing a marketing plan. A sharp focus on details with searchable words is a must for it to reach your prospects.

Imagine a situation where you have written an amazing post with detailed content for your product/solution and it doesn’t reach anyone. Will it have an impact on your marketing goals? So for your content to move the needle on your success scale, you need to make sure your content is useful.



This can be achieved using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) alongside the following channels:


Assignment Selling


The new kid on town is “Assignment Selling,” where your marketing team provided your prospects a few learning assignments before they make an important sales meeting. More prospects are looking for quality and understanding of what they are buying. The process can make prospects interested while the time spent lecturing about the product is greatly reduced making sale conversion rates goes up. The prospect will feel more involved and inclined to complete the purchase.


Social Media


Various social media platforms are best suited to put teasers and offers to attract prospects to read your content. Different social media methodologies can bring different facets of your target audience to your website. Most common are quizzes, polls and offers with a nice hook to entice probable clients.


Direct Snail Mails

Direct postal mail never fails to yield results and is one of the ongoing methods for years. You can pack a lot of material in bold, big fonts with links for prospects to follow as they look up your information online. The excellence in concise content production and presentation goes a long way in converting prospects to loyal customers.

Web Advertising

With the increase in Internet coverage, the web designs used for advertising material linking to content are taking big leaps. Advertisers like Google Ads target based on a customers internet activity.


Email Usage

You can use a comprehensive strategy to float emails to prospects, tapped from a vast verified list from and reap the benefits. A subtle inviting subject line, with various links to products and solution, usually get the best responses.

Direct Referrals


Another successful but rarely used method to promote content based marketing is through direct referring by current customers. There are many methods where customers used to do the direct referral and it works wonders. For example is to offer the loyal customers free upgrades in lieu of their testimonials on camera and/or audio. Those “real customer” testimonials can be then channels out through your free CRM101 tool to the verified leads from


Overall, using the aforementioned methods with the B2B sales leads, your business can benefit from increased traffic and customers.