Spring Clean Your Marketing Strategy With Salesflower.com

Wonder World of Spring Cleaning: Marketing Strategy


With the Spring in the air and talk of Spring cleaning everywhere, it’s the best time for your marketing strategy team to take stock of the ongoing strategy and weed out the factors responsible for deceleration. Although the Spring cleaning procedures vary for different businesses, use the following as guidelines for a thorough look at the process:

Final Sale/Failure

Every prospect will become a client or is dropped for lack of success in the conversion from prospect to client. A look at the list of final clients will give your team a good place to start the process. This list can be segregated into three columns: Success, Near success and failures. Having an up-to-date marketing strategy will make this process more effective.

Overall Mapping

Next, the team should outline a flow-chart from the initial stages to the end-result point. Without leaving out any point, all the stages from the first point till it reaches the final sale must be listed.

Initial Step

In most of the modern marketing strategies, the first step is taken by the machine-based approach. Armed with the highly accurate leads from Salesflower.com, the first contacts will be made in a bulk manner. But you must check if there was a human point of contact made or not. Not following up directly through a human touch, is a vital misstep in the approach.

Listening to Prospects

Most of the time the marketing team is so enthusiastic in explaining the positive aspects of their product that hardly any attention is paid to the prospect. Dealing with highly knowledgeable prospects listening to their needs will add to your success rates.

Pre-Final Mishap

An honest appraisal of the moment before the success/failure at those final stages is most productive for moving forward. Usually, a small error which makes or breaks your deal will be pointed out with some introspection.

Sometimes, a positively moving deal makes the marketing team relax on on the prospect. Remember the bottom line is: Never slow down until the deal is done and the sale is finalized.

And once the deal is done, there starts the process of converting the client into a customer. If your team is painstakingly honest in this self-appraisal and Spring Cleaning, you will be amazed at the outcome. Overall, be assured of a bump up in your success story writing at the end of next cycle.

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