Loyal Customers and The Magic of Word of Mouth

Loyal Customers and Magic of Word of Mouth

From the early days of marketing strategies, the importance of usage of “word of mouth” through loyal customers is overlooked. Once your team has successfully used time-tested leads offered by Salesflower.com database and have scored a list of clients, the time is ripe to take simple but very effective following steps forward.

Leverage Groups

Dividing your clients into lists that club together customers of various products, your team can form separate leverage groups with those. You can also have added information incorporated into that of demography or geographical locations.

Retention & Attraction

Nurturing the clients and making them feel important serves two-fold purpose. You retain your clientele and use them to attract more prospects. Your marketing team, working with other departments can strike a perfect balance between attracting prospects and keeping the ones you have.

Varied Enthusiasm

The marketing team will do well to gauge the enthusiasm of your loyal customers. Over a period of time, it becomes evident that some are subtle in endorsing your products while others can be vocal in announcing their preferences. Pushing a reluctant customer can lead to losing the client while encouraging a willing loyalist can get access to the correct audience of prospects.

Cost Effectiveness

Overall, your finance department will be happy with the results. As your marketing team will score better with prospects when the loyal leverage groups are utilized. Those satisfied and valued customers, when looped into these groups, do wonder at a much less expensive but faster pace.

There is no other strategy more ready to produce results. As the ability to get leverage groups to deal with gaining access to the correct audience.