To Lead Or Not To Lead

Your marketing team has been pursuing leads in their unflinching efforts to convert prospects into clients; sometimes there is a sense of frustration when a lead looks certain but doesn’t become a customer. We need to pay attention to the following points along the way to avoid disappointment:

Not Yet

These two words say a lot about prospects in the process of becoming clients. Acceptance is the keyword to move forward. The prospects in different business fields follow various speeds to become clients so long as your team doesn’t lose patience and courtesy.

Content for All

Content is the key to all that your marketing strategy works to achieve. It’s essential to create content for different stages of the journey from just leads to final clients. A new visitor needs completely different content than a prospect who is nearing completion of a deal.

CTA Variables

Call To Action (CTA) provides an interaction equation with prospects but remember to let your experts decide various ways to change these as leads to progress on the way to become clients.

Offers Vary

A prospect in the decision stage might be ready for a detailed demo or a free trial offer. While another prospect is still contemplating. They might just want to know more background and solution highlights of your products for their problems.

Formats Differ

The presentations come in many different types of formats and it’s important for you to determine which type suits your business most. There is an umpteen number of different formats like eBooks, guides, videos and others which give shape to your content but you are the best judge to decide which of those works best for you.

Thank You Models

A few simple words of honest appreciation for visiting your website, considering your products/solutions – all have an amazing effect. Instead of waiting for the deal to come through, make sure to say Thank you in a personal way at every stage.

Last but not the least, always consider a lead a prospect and even if you are on the back burner of your lead, you stay on track with your interactions – always remembering there are different points in the journey from a prospect to the client.