Focus Leads To Prospects


‘Focus’ is The Keyword

With the holiday season here, you’re swamped with all that is going on. But it’s the time to keep your entrepreneurial energy focussed to expand your prospects in the funnel. The following guidelines are essential to use your passion and budget to make it real:

Awareness Matters

Remember, that during the holiday’s, the attention span of your audience usually stops on offers and holiday-themed graphics. This awareness of holiday psychology goes a long way in fine-tuning your marketing strategy.

Right Start

Starting your mission to get your first few customers is easy but then what? Here one of the sure ways especially in the crowded holiday season is to utilize all the lists, provided by, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy. Using these to reach your prospects, with holiday colored themes will definitely bring them to your funnel and into your client circle.

Irresistible Offers

Time to offer the best deals in town and entice prospects. This is a variable which changes dramatically from sector to sector and your marketing team needs to decide what is the best on offer to get a win-win situation with the prospects. For example, selling a product and offering financial loan on the purchase, the working offer is to waive interest for the starting year or two.

Multimedia Blitz

This is that time of the year when colorfully wrapped gifts and lively music are filling the environment. In everything you do, make sure to have festive spirit in the packaging. Local and retail businesses start putting their best decorations and offer out front while on the virtual platforms like your websites, your team uses soft colors and aesthetic patterns to lure prospects to stay and contemplate your Call To Action (CTA).

Follow Up Responses

Last but not least, is the time period, frequency and quality of your responses to questions. Remember the audience is more interested in getting solutions and answers to their problems and doubts than filling your coffers. So your experts must make sure to follow up to engage with your audience with responses to their queries. Prospects tend to become clients as your answers erase their doubts. But also there’s a rising confidence in your expertise thus pushing your brand to the top of the heap of competitors.